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 Halo ODST

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PostSubject: Halo ODST   Sat Sep 19, 2009 11:33 pm

Its just around the corner now, coming out next Tuesday the 22nd. A friend of mine currently owns the French version lol, which apparently has started selling as early as a week ago, and I must say. After hating halo 2, and not caring for halo 3, ODST puts me right at home with Halo 1. (Lacking the best part of course, Halo 1's physics.) The reworked pistol and smg are both incredibly welcomed additions, the removal of dual wield is excellent (hated that shit), the health bar being brought back into action (thank fucking god!), and the new all-city terrain environments, this game seems to deliver what Halo 3 should have. Looking forward to it!

If anyone is going to pick it up and would like to play over Xbox live, hit me up! My Gamertag is in the PS3/Xbox GT Sticky!

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