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 Asgard's Mission

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PostSubject: Asgard's Mission   Asgard's Mission I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 30, 2009 10:20 pm

For those that are interested in joining us, especially those that wish to join this legion and become part of this community, I want you to understand what our goals are as a whole.

This is an end game legion, or will be an end game legion. We intend to do large man raids on both PvP and PvE targets. Aesir and I have discussed it in detail and the decision of what our focus will be is TBD as information on content becomes more readily available. Either way, we wish to be a competent legion that has the capability to siege a fort or raid an instance on our own if possible. The key difference is that we wish to remain small and close if able. The failing of many guilds/linkshells/w/e usually ends up being sheer size. If members do not feel close to one another and there is no cohesive community it will fail and we will see similar issues that other MMO communities face daily.

On release we will not be watching attendance or enforcing leveling benchmarks, in the end this is a game. We want to see all of our members to enjoy not only the fruits of their labor but also the labor itself. The intent is that there will be a period following release where members may do as they wish (pickup groups, free PvP). The legion will work as a social network where members can get help with w/e they need (I will be focusing on crafting so I can offer free services). The intent being that in a period of time (the exact time is TBD once we understand just how hard leveling is) we will transition into an end game legion. Hopefully at this point we will have kept all our members and in that way developed a trusting community. Not only with the existing members but the ones that may join us in the process.

Our recruiting process is closed to certain classes but I still urge you to apply if you agree with this setup and you wish to join a legion that has goals beyond just getting everyone leet shit(though we will all get leet shit, I want an eternal bow), I urge you to apply to us or send us a tell in game. We will be on the Zikel server come release.

Thanks for reading, cya in the game.

Asgard's Mission Isley
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Asgard's Mission
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